Trial Workout



A trial workout is a pragmatic first step when you decide to move beyond “thinking” of taking better care of yourself and seeking the help of a qualified professional to help you achieve your goals. Tiger Athletic offers innovative health and fitness programs that begin with a tailored health appraisal to help you set realistic, time-based goals then working with a personal trainer through a custom fitness and lifestyle program in our modern, private, appointment only strength and conditioning gym.

Your health and fitness assessment allow our strength & conditioning coach to have information about your body and aspirations to design personalised, safe and effective workout programs for you and to provide you with the necessary guidance to achieve your fitness goals.

Tiger Athletic Fitness & Conditioning is equipped with state-of-the-art plate loaded resistance equipment, assault air bike and boxing equipment. Each session comprises a challenging strength-based circuit, an extraordinary 50-minute workout that is simple, efficient and effective.

Our personalised approach serves as an oasis in the heat the Sandton bustle, a place to recharge and reconnect with yourself. A private space you can retreat to for a hard workout, a coffee and a shower.

Together changes everything. Let’s workout.