Sandton’s Private Gym

We Train The Hardest

Tiger Athletic Fitness & Conditioning is a private, appointment only gym in Sandton, Johannesburg. We use sport science to assess client’s health, set SMART goals and design custom fitness and lifestyle programs delivered through personal training.

Our programs cater for Sandton’s most influential minds, with many of the precinct’s top executives being part of our clientel. Our pragmatic, scientific approach develops the physical and mental strength of champions that transcends the playing field into the work arena.

Our approach is simple, a full body assessment to start the process and provide the foundation for a custom fitness and lifestyle program, plate loaded strength equipment, boxing gear and your personal trainer Aubrey, whose philosophy is built around coaching science and experience as a black belt, elite level fighter and instructor. Tiger Athletic is more than just another ‘exclusive’ fitness club, we are a portal to a healthy and productive way of life. A VIP pass to lifelong health, fitness and wellbeing.

Monthly membership starts at R5000. A 10 hour investment of your time each month with an intensly trained trainer to live our motto, “We Train The Hardest”.

Our assesment and health appraisal process is our competitive advantage. We screen for risk factors and symptoms of chronic cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic, and orthopaedic diseases in order to optimise safety during exercise testing and participation as well as assessing health status and stratifying risk as a basis for referral to our network of health care professionals where necessary.

Assessment data provides a platform to initiate fitness and lifestyle interventions for our clients. Creating a new, pre emptive path where data highlights the possibility of future injury or illness. Through our approach we can go beyond aesthetics, not managing to create beautiful, toned bodies but being able to forge a holistic approach to health.

We design safe, effective exercise programs and provide the guidance to help clients achieve personal fitness and health goals.

Together changes everything. Let’s workout


New Year. New You.

There is no time like the present especially when it comes to gaining control over your health and lifestyle after an indulgant festive holiday. We’d like to make your fitness goals a reality in 2019. Become a new client and book 10 fitness sessions for January in December and get up to a 50% cash back to spend as you please!

Tiger Athletic is a private, appointment only strength and conditioning gym in the heart of Sandton. We offer a modern approach to fitness using exercise and nutrition programs based on your health assessment and goals.
We use our personal trainer and modern, state-of-the-art equipment, to provide you with a structured, action-oriented exercise and nutrition solution, improving fitness and appearance, reducing health risks and promoting healthy behavior through extraordinary 50 minute workouts that are simple, efficient and effective.
Our entire approach is designed around you as an individual, your unique physique, capabilities and goals. We assess, motivate, educate and coach you towards your personal goals in a professional and supportive environment.
Our assessment procedure and expert medical network ensure that you are looked after in the best possible way. Ensuring health first and lots of fun while you work towards your dream aesthetic.
Together changes everything. Let’s chat about your health?