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“The universe doesn’t give you what you ask for with your thoughts – it gives you what you demand with your actions.”

― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

How about, 8 weeks, you and your bestie, in a modern, private, appointment only gym with an intensley trained trainer chasing a simple goal, to get you into your favourite outfit again! It’s easy, sign up to lose 5kg with our 8-week Get Fit program, and you can bring your bestie to all your workouts!

If ditching the gym to have brunch with your best friend makes you feel a tad bit guilty, cut yourself some slack and just bring them along, on us!  It turns out friendships can impact our health just as much as working out and eating properly do. Research proves, having an active and fulfilling social life is crucial to maintaining physical health. Turns out, you can have the health benefit of your friendship and working out, all at the same time!

In your teens, social isolation is equivalent to the effects of getting no exercise says Kathleen Mullan Harris, a sociologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the lack of social connections in old age is equivalent to having diabetes, in terms of increasing hypertension. Working out with your best friend is a sure way of staying active and healthy for life.

In each of four studies tracking more than 20,000 teens into young adulthood, a survey on midlife and two surveys focusing on retirement and aging adults, the number and quality of an individual’s social life was compared with the four measures of physical health: BMI, inflammation, abdominal weight and blood pressure.

Researchers discovered a positive correlation between the number of social connections an individual had and his or her health. “With each additional social connection that you have, you get an added beneficial effect for your health,” Harris explained. “The more, the better.”This research validates previous research finding that individuals with active and thriving social lives can reduce the risk of mortality by 50 percent!

If you really want to lose the extra weight, eat better, get better quality of sleep, reduce stress and look good in your favourite clothes, try working out with your best friend. After all, working out with a companion has been scientifically proven to improve your exercise game and overall happiness!

Have you noticed a correlation between your health and the quality of your relationships? Do you make your social life and personal wellbeing a priority? Do you ever exercise with your friends?

Tiger Athletic is a private, appointment only gym. Whether you’re looking to diversify your workout regime or find a new way to sweat, we have you covered to tone, shape, or maintain your already enviable frame in Sandton’s most progressive and exclusive gym. 

Together Changes Everything. Let’s workout.

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