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Welcome to the introductory week of your couch-to-street plan designed to help you start running and stay running. In it are combination run and walk intervals totalling 30 minutes of hard work and dedication. Distance moved isn’t an issue it’s purely about the amount of time you spend on your feet. Let’s get running!

According to fossil evidence of some distinctive features of the modern human body, humans started to jog around two million years ago, A new study suggests humans may have left their tree-swinging ancestors behind because they developed into endurance runners.

Running or ‘moving fast of foot’ is a natural ability that most people learn as toddlers. As simple as that sounds, starting to run as a workout or vocation as an adult can be intimidating, even appear frighteningly difficult.

At first glance all you need is a little, ‘get-go’ and comfortable sports shoes, but as many who have tried will tell you, it’s a little more involved than that. When I stopped playing rugby in 2000 and competitive karate a year or two later, I turned into one of those gym guys that love to lift big things and hate to run.

In 2013, I had a massive health scare and as I fought my way back to health, a gym mirror severed my left Achilles tendon in a freak accident on same leg whose knee had forced me to stop playing rugby, it was very hard road back to get healthy and learn how to walk normally again but being the dreamer I am, I just didn’t want to walk, I wanted to run again.

I finally got the guts to ‘lace-up’ in 2018, the idea that I would reinjure myself and not do well at something I had always taken for granted scared me immensely, but I laced up my sports shoes and headed out  every single day and did some sort of slow run/fast walk combination for about 30 minutes at a time.

Within about a month, my running periods became longer than the walking ones. By the second month, I had completed my first continuous 5km run, add a few weeks and I had completed my first 10km run, more confident in my ‘new’ ability, happy that I had turned my fear of running into a habit I thoroughly enjoy.

As a personal trainer and owner of the leading private gym in Sandton, I enjoy encouraging my clients to start running by being kind to themselves first and just enjoying the process. Gaining the mental toughness to overcome the physical demands of learning a new skill like running is tough enough without you being too hard on yourself.

I want you to know that its perfectly okay to dictate your own pace, every time you lace up and step out it’s a step in the right direction. The only thing that matters is remembering that this is for you and the result will be a happier and healthier version of you.

Tiger Athletic is a modern, private, appointment only gym in Sandton, Johannesburg using a rigorous, results-focused methodology we are passionate about helping you be the healthiest version of yourself, so you can lead a more fulfilling personal and professional life.

Together changes everything. Let’s work out.


Day 1: Run 3 Minutes. Walk 3 Minutes. 5 Sets.

Day 2: Active Rest – Walk 30 minutes.

Day 3: Run 3 Minutes. Walk 3 Minutes. 5 Sets.

Day 4: Active Rest – Walk 30 Minutes.

Day 5: Run 3 Minutes. Walk 3 Minutes. 5 Sets.

Day 6: Active Rest – Walk 30 Minutes.

Day 7: Run 3 Minutes. Walk 3 Minutes. 5 Sets.


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