30 Day Tiger Abs Challenge

30 days to stronger, firmer and leaner abs? Challenge yourself by joining Tiger Athletic head trainer Aubrey in our 30-Day Tiger Abs Challenge to build a stronger core and leaner abs.

Localized weight gain solely in your midsection may be the result of specific lifestyle choices. The two S’s, stress and sugar play a significant role in the size of your midsection. Fat around the middle is, in fact, unhealthier than being overweight, can increase your risk of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and even cancer, especially breast cancer.

Our modern lifestyle of sitting all day in traffic and at work often leaves us feeling (and looking) fat, tired and with backpain. Achieving a leaner more functional torso goes a long way to easing the back pain and feeling amazing again. Along with the workout calendar at the end of this article and as a Tiger Athletic first, every few days we’ll post a no equipment, 10-minute core and abs workout video you can follow along pretty much anywhere.

Join our 30 day Tiger Abs Challenge starting Saturday, February 01, 2020, by following the workout calendar at the bottom of this article and engaging with your personal trainer Aubrey and our close-knit fitness community on the Tiger Athletic Challenge Group on Facebook. and we’ll get you a leaner, stronger, tighter midsection and to that elusive 2-minute plank benchmark. Even if just getting to a 20 second plank seems an insurmountable obstacle at present, we’ll get you there with a lot of planking practice and targeted core exercises to improve core strength for men and women alike.

We’re starting on Saturday, January 01, 2020, however, you can start the challenge at any time you feel you need professional help to improve your core strength and the aesthetic look of your abs. At the end of this article, we’ve created the 30-day Tiger abs calendar with a training program for you to follow every day of the challenge.

You’ll do four different ab exercises on most days, the plank (of course), the boat pose, Jack Knives (Aubrey’s personal favourite) and cross crunches for a set time or number of reps. For example, on the first day, you’ll do a 20-second plank, 20-second Boat pose, 20 Jack Knives and 20 Cross Crunches. For the Jack Knives and Cross Crunches, the set number applies on the left side as it does on the right, i.e. 20 reps mean 20 left hand to right leg and vice versa.

On some days our head trainer Aubrey will demonstrate a 10 minute ab workout video to add to your training routine and on every seventh day, you’ll have an active rest day to focus on a low intensity workout like setting a new personal best on your 10 000 Step A Day Challenge, yoga or swimming.

How To Join The Challenge

  1. Join our Tiger Athletic Challenge Group on Facebook to get daily encouragement and motivation, as well as answers to any questions about the challenge you may have.
  2. Share the challenge calendar below with your friends on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. You can also print it out and keep it somewhere you’ll see it every day or save it to your phone so it’s always handy.
  3. Follow along with the challenge each day and share your progress in the Tiger Athletic Challenge Group . We’re rooting for you!

30 Day Solid Abs Challenge Calendar


20 Sec Plank
20 Sec Boat
20 Jack Knives
20 Cross Crunches
(10 Each Way)


25 Sec Plank
25 Sec Boat
24 Jack Knives
24 Cross Crunches
(12 Each Way)

Tiger Athletic
Dynamic Abs
10-minute Video

30 Sec Plank
30 Sec Boat
28 Jack Knives
28 Cross Crunches
(14 Each Way)

35 Sec Plank
35 Sec Boat
32 Jack Knives
32 Cross Crunches
(16 Each Way)

40 Sec Plank
40 Sec Boat
36 Jack Knives
36 Cross Crunches
(18 Each Way)

Rest Day

45 Sec Plank
45 Sec Boat
40 Jack Knives
40 Cross Crunches
(20 Each Way)

50 Sec Plank
50 Sec Boat
44 Jack Knives
44 Cross Crunches
(22 Each Way)

Tiger Athletic
Dynamic Abs
10-minute Video

50 Sec Plank
50 Sec Boat
48 Jack Knives
48 Cross Crunches
(24 Each Way)

55 Sec Plank
55 Sec Boat
48 Jack Knives
48 Cross Crunches
(28 Each Way)

Tiger Athletic
10 Minute
Tabata Video

Rest Day

60 Sec Plank
60 Sec Boat
52 Jack Knives
52 Cross Crunches
(26 Each Way)

65 Sec Plank
65 Sec Boat
56 Jack Knives
56 Cross Crunches
(28 Each Way)

Tiger Athletic
Dynamic Abs
10-minute Video

70 Sec Plank
70 Sec Boat
60 Jack Knives
60 Cross Crunches
(30 Each Way)

80 Sec Plank
80 Sec Boat
64 Jack Knives
64 Cross Crunches
(32 Each Way)

Tiger Athletic
10 Minute
Tabata Video

Rest Day

90 Sec Plank
90 Sec Boat
68 Jack Knives
68 Cross Crunches
(34 Each Way)

100 Sec Plank
100 Sec Boat
72 Jack Knives
72 Cross Crunches
(36 Each Way)

Tiger Athletic
Dynamic Abs
10-minute Video

105 Sec Plank
105 Sec Boat
76 Jack Knives
76 Cross Crunches
(38 Each Way)

110 Sec Plank
110 Sec Boat
80 Jack Knives
80 Cross Crunches
(40 Each Way)

Tiger Athletic
Dynamic Abs
10-minute Video

Rest Day

115 Sec Plank
115 Sec Boat
84 Jack Knives
84 Cross Crunches
(42 Each Way)

120 Sec Plank
120 Sec Boat
88 Jack Knives
88 Cross Crunches
(44 Each Way)

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