A Line From Our Certified Coach

Many people dream of losing weight and getting, into a better state of health, looking beautiful, and brimming with confidence. Most of us think that the first step towards getting healthier is the biggest challenge, it often is but once we overcome this, the immediate challenge is not to quit halfway, to finish what we started.

Having successfully walked this path from beginning to end with different profiles of clients, I understand what can make you quit, which nutritional advice and exercises will work for you to enjoy the process of personal growth you go through when you decide to better yourself and to keep you steadily working towards your goals.

Tiger Athletic is the result of working successfully with many different profiles of clients and analyzing their profiles for trends in causal factors as well as helpful interventions. Our gym houses many unique bilateral strength & conditioning machines, free weights, and equipment, and a purpose-built facility that together with customized workouts and a certified trainer all but guarantees your success. We make no crazy changes to your regular diet, but rather advise you to eat better-tasting and more nutritious options.

You must seek advice from your doctor or healthcare provider before embarking on a new exercise regimen. We often overestimate our ability and knowledge or underestimate what we are capable of and what are safe options for us regarding our health, seeing a qualified healthcare professional makes your journey safer.

On a more personal note, I get excited when I see results in my clients, healthier, happier, stronger, and faster. Let’s work out.